Our Process

From Hatchlings to Your Table

Come explore our farm, where every turkey's life starts with handpicked hatchlings. We choose these little chicks carefully, looking for ones that show promise. These chicks find a comfy home in our barns, made to feel just like their natural surroundings. With our watchful eye and caring touch, we guide them as they grow to become the heart of your meals.

Over the years we have seen over 90,000 birds through our barns staying true to our effective process to ensure our birds are healthy throughout their entire journey at the How Turkey Farm

Feeding Right, Watching Close

Feeding our turkeys isn't just about food – it's an art we've learned over time. They enjoy a special diet, a mix of good grains and important nutrients. But we also make sure they eat in their own way, without stress. Our team keeps a close watch, making sure they have everything they need. It's like a rhythm we follow, like the heartbeat of the farm.

Our Turkeys "and helpers" from 2022

People Who Care Everyday

On our farm, it's people, not machines, that do the work. We're there from morning till night, making sure our turkeys are happy and healthy. We've learned their habits and needs, and that's how we take care of them. It's a farmer's way, a way that comes from our hearts and connects us to the land.

Saying goodbye respectfully

When it's time, we say goodbye to our turkeys with respect. Harvesting isn't just a job – it's a moment that deserves dignity. Our experienced hands handle this task, making sure our turkeys' journey ends as it should. It's all part of the cycle, a step in the journey that we're honored to be a part of.

Taste the story on your plate

When you sit down to enjoy our turkey, you're tasting more than just a meal – you're tasting our hard work, our promise, and our values. Each bite is filled with the care we put into every day, from hatchlings to harvest. It's like a story told through flavors, a story we're proud to share with you. Because when you taste our turkey, you're tasting the heart of our farm – the heart of a farmer's life.

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